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29 - Dec - 2010

How To Save $4.50 On Your Next Domain Name

Want to save a few bucks whenever you register a new domain name?

Hey, I know it’s only a few buck but what the heck… it all adds up in the end.

It’s really simple.

STEP 1: Go to http://www.godaddy.com and check to see if the domain name for your website is available. You don’t have to check at Godaddy, you can do this an any domain registration website actually.

STEP 2: Once you’ve decided on your domain name and see that it is available then go to http://www.godaddy.com and go through the registration process. NOTE: Godaddy will try and sell you everything, including the kitchen sink as you go through the registration process. Just decline everything (unless you really want it).

STEP 3: When you come to the screen at the end of the registration process that shows you the domain name you’ve selected, along with the price – STOP.

It should look something like this:

Make sure you click on the link that says “Enter Promo or Source Code”. This will then reveal an empty box.

STEP 4: Now do a Google search for “godaddy coupon codes 2010″. Then just look through the results and find a code to use that will give you a discount when buying your domain name.

This is a good code I like to use: cjc749fat

STEP 5: Just copy that code into the form on the godaddy site, apply the code, continue to checkout and presto… you saved a few bucks, actually $4.50 to be exact.

Enough for a cold pint… just sayin…

By the way, you can use this for saving money on other services from Godaddy, not just domains. You would just use a different coupon code for whatever you were buying.

Hope this helps and enjoy!