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01 - Jul - 2011

Help… Firefox Takes Forever To Load – The Fix

You fire up your computer ready to hit the internet and click on your Firefox browser and then you wait… and wait… and wait some more… until finally Firefox loads.

Frustrating isn’t it? And to make matters worse Firefox probably didn’t take that long to load in the past.

Well, here’s a fix that should help you dramatically speed up how long Firefox takes to load.

Windows 7 & Vista users:

Click on Start > All Programs > Accessories > Run

For Windows XP users just click on Start > Run

You should see the following window below:

Type prefetch and click ok. You should then see a window open up like the one below:

Navigate until you find a file named FIREFOX.EXE and just delete the file. Don’t worry about the random letters and number at the end of the filename.